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Get ready for the Baitmates Comp!

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The Hirepool Baitemates is starting on Saturday and we want you to be prepared! 

Here some tips and tricks to make sure you are safe out there:


• Does the VHF work properly?

• Is the antenna in good condition?

• Check anchor, shackles, chain and warp condition

• If you have an anchor winch, does it need servicing?

• Have you got all your bungs? Check O-Rings

• Check and test your trim tabs


• Make sure your engine has been serviced before you head out – you don’t want to miss out on nice days on the water

• Check plug wires for wear

• Check your prop for damage

• Do you still have your prop flag and is it still in good condition?


• Do you have the latest version of your charts? Check with your electronic supplier, they usually have software updates available


• Check if WOF and Rego are still up to date for the upcoming season

• Are all lights working?

• Make sure your trailer doesn’t have major corrosion

• Are the brakes working?

• Lubricate winch and wheel bearings

• Check rollers

• Check tire pressure and condition of tires

• Check safety chain and shackle


• Check if your batteries are sufficiently charged

• Check the battery electrolyte levels and refill with distilled water if there is not enough fluid

Safety Equipment

• Make sure your lifejackets are all in good working condition

• Check distress signals and expiration date

• Is your fire extinguisher in good condition and not past it’s expiry date?

• Refresh your First Aid kit and check all expiry dates

Fishing Gear

• Do you have all your rods for the style of fishing you want to do or try this year?

• Respool aged lines and rig your gear up

• Make sure you’ve got all tackle required

• Check out the latest season of Fishing & Adventure for additional inspiration

Dive Gear

• Did you get your gear serviced? BCD, Regulator and tanks need regular servicing

• Make sure you fit still in your wetsuit after the long winter break (it could have shrunk)

• Torches are working and have good batteries

• Catch bag and noose are on the boat for those yummy crays