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Surtees 4.85 Workmate Review - Fishing World

“This boat rode smoothly in very average conditions, a result of the fine point of entry, a deep-V hull and a 15-degree deadrise in the stern. However, the above would ordinarily trade away stability at rest and dryness for the nice ride.”

Surtees 6.1 Game Fisher Review - Trailerboat Fisherman

“Put a lid on it son,” was once a term of admonishment from your dad, but these days it’s something that will put the smile on the face of a boat dealer as more trailer boaties take the hardtop alternative.”

Surtees 7.3 Sport Fisher Review - Fishing Monthly

“This boat eats rough water. I've been in offshore boats where the main task for the driver is to constantly manipulate the engine trim and the trim tabs. Not in the Surtees. The swell was about 1m and a small chop didn't really stretch the hull at all...”

Surtees 6.7 Game Fisher Review - NZ Fishing News

“The 6.7m hull carries 380 litres of water, putting about 380kg of ballast where it is most effective – right on the keel line. A further development of the system is the addition of a gate on the keel that, when closed, allows the water ballast to be retained when...

Surtees 6.7 Sport Fisher Review - NZ Fishing News

“The hull with an 18° deadrise, fine entry and down-turned chines, gave an excellent rough-water performance that Surtees hulls are known for. The keel-line ballast tank gives good stability at rest and drains in only a few seconds as the boat comes onto the plane”

Surtees 5.5 Workmate Review - Dive New Zealand

“Grouse mate — just grouse! That's about all Neil Surtees could comment as he stood on the podium clutching another award for excellence in boat building!”

Surtees 6.7 Sport Fisher Review II - NZ Fishing News

“The Surtees just ate it up and spat it out, riding and landing softly in some pretty gnarly conditions at over 20 knots.”

Surtees 6.1 Gamefisher Review - Trailer Boat

“Legend has it that the edgy and innovative hull design that defines all Surtees boats was conceived by boilermaker Neil Surtees in 1993 when he couldn’t find a production vessel to meet his exacting needs. One can just imagine the conversations in the pubs and clubs surrounding Neil’s home waters...

Surtees 5.5 Workmate Review - NZ Fishing News

“Edgecumbe boat builder Neil Surtees produced the first of his 5.5m model hulls in 1996, The concept was to produce a practical, basic boat that would get the average diver or fisherman on the water at a minimal price. Severely functional, these were certainly no frills boats.”