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Surtees Boats upgrades entire range

Award-winning alloy fishing boat manufacturer Surtees Boats has announced an upgrade to all models in its range.

Tips on jigging from the Bayfisher 5.8 GF

Here it is! The long-fall slow-pitch technique video from New Zealand's pioneer and foremost expert and NZ Bay Fisher staffer Paul Chen. Watch as he show’s me how it’s done. We (Paul) have been writing about this for the last few years, importing our own jigs from Japan.

Surtees 5.8 Game Fisher Review - Club Marine

“Like all other Surtees models, the 5.8 comes with the company’s famous ballasted keel system that, on this model, can hold an impressive 340lt of water. Open up the adjustable ballast gate when at rest and it makes the boat ultra stable and, once underway, it drains out.

Surtees 5.8 Game Fisher Review - NZ Bay Fisher

“We’d had such a good run with our last Surtees 5.8 Game Fisher and after looking at several other similar models we found the Surtees still ticked the most boxes for us, so we’re stoked to have taken delivery of this upgraded new model.

Surtees 8th Annual Fishing Competition Results

The 8th annual Surtees fishing comp was held over the weekend of 20-21 April in some testing weather conditions. Thankfully the boats and crews were up to the task with over 200 anglers and 89 boats entering.

Surtees 5.8 Game Fisher Review -

This may be a smaller version of its bigger stablemates, but the 5.8, with its hardtop cabin, has everything a game fisher need