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Surtees 4.85 Workmate Review - Trailer Boat

“The little boat that punched well above its weight – that's how the judges felt about this tough little Kiwi workhorse. It didn't have the sophistication or grunt of the big boys but it left a hell of an impression on all who drove it.”

Surtees 5.8 Game Fisher Review - Club Marine

“Like all other Surtees models, the 5.8 comes with the company’s famous ballasted keel system that, on this model, can hold an impressive 340lt of water. Open up the adjustable ballast gate when at rest and it makes the boat ultra stable and, once underway, it drains out.

Surtees 8.5 Game Fisher Review - Boating New Zealand

“Six through-gunwale rodholders are set up for trolling and there are sinker holders in the coamings to keep heavy sinkers from swinging around while re-baiting when bottom fishing. They also serve as cup holders. A nice detail is the small nozzle on the bait station – perfect for rinsing bait-covered...

Surtees 8.5 Game Fisher Review - Trade-A-Boat

“Unleashing the 300 horses bolted to the stern and pushing the big Surtees way past the realms of recreational use was no issue for the solid hull.”

Surtees 8.5 Game Fisher Review - Trailerboat Fisherman

“The Game Fisher 8.5 contains Surtees’ signature features like the non-pounding, super deep V hull and unique stabilising ballast technology.

Surtees 4.85 Workmate Review - Trade-A-Boat

Trade-A-Boat senior boat tester, John "Bear" Willis heads to one of his favourite secret fishing spots in Tamboon Inlet, in eastern Victoria. The rig of choice is the Surtees 4.85 Workmate, a former entrant in the Australia's Greatest Boats mega shootout that came close to taking out the top spot.

Surtees 4.85 Workmate Review - Club Marine

“For a boat that measures just under 5m, the 4.85 delivers the feel of a bigger craft.The forward cuddy provides enough room to keep tackle boxes and other gear under cover and rails down on the floor will stop items sliding back into the cockpit when underway.

Surtees 5.5 Workmate Hardtop Review - Trailerboat Fisherman

“The hardtop trend is so strong in offshore fishing at the moment that boat buyers are seriously looking at hardtops, even in boats below the six-metre size range where they’re usually found.”

Surtees 5.8 Game Fisher Review - NZ Bay Fisher

“We’d had such a good run with our last Surtees 5.8 Game Fisher and after looking at several other similar models we found the Surtees still ticked the most boxes for us, so we’re stoked to have taken delivery of this upgraded new model.

Surtees 4.85 Workmate Review - Fishing World

“This boat rode smoothly in very average conditions, a result of the fine point of entry, a deep-V hull and a 15-degree deadrise in the stern. However, the above would ordinarily trade away stability at rest and dryness for the nice ride.”