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Surtees Boats 9th Annual Fishing Competition Results

The Surtees Boats 9th Annual Fishing Competition was held over the weekend of the 25th-26th April with 54 boats and 180 anglers competing. With boats heading out from 6am, the weather gods smiled on the fleet with near perfect conditions, making 'spot X' selection wide and far.

The snapper fishing was abundant, with many decent fish caught along the Whakatane coastline. Steve Milbank of ‘Weekend Duty’ took home the prize for the biggest snapper with a 6.73kg fish. Average snapper went to ‘Donna McConnell’ with 1.77kg.

Thanks to our amazing sponsors, spot prizes were awarded to every boat and the prize pool was extensive - with prizes awarded for the top 3 fish in each species.

With anglers coming from as far away as Wellington, targeting Snapper, Trevally, Tarakihi, Kahawai and Kingfish, the competition was hard fought. Craig Miller of Gazebo, got a knockout 11.51kg Kingfish and first place.

Surtees Boats would like to thank the Whakatane Game Fishing Club and the loyal Surtees owners for their support.

The event was a great success, and with next year being the 10th anniversary the competition promises to be even bigger and better so lock in the 18th-19th April 2015!

1. Steve Milbank, Weekend Duty, 6.73kg
2. Mark Moon, Marsue, 6.50kg
3. Mark Pandelidis, Obsession, 5.75kg

1. Huck Johnson, Wild Side, 2.13kg
2. Ian Wright, Rona May, 1.73kg
3. Greg Barkla, C-Kay, 1.54kg

1. Charlie Cruise, Hard Work 2, 3.05kg
2. Connor Stott, Silva Fox, 2.30kg
3. Michelle Pollock, Weekend Duty, 2.23kg

1. Bryan Oneill, Aqua Metrix, 4.22kg
2. Peter Daffurn, Aqua Metrix, 4.03kg
3. Shaun Oneill, Aqua Metrix, 3.84kg

1. Craig Miller, Gazebo, 11.51kg
2. Felix Wenzel, Obsession, 11.31kg
3. Paul Walmsley, Ka Awatea, 11.25kg

Average Snapper
Donna McConnell, Shahedar, 1.77kg