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540 Workmate Hardtop wins NZ Boat Show Award

Surtees revealed a new model at the Hutchwilco Boat Show this year – the 540 Workmate Hardtop, the smallest Hardtop on the market! Not just during the 4 days Boat Show, it gained lots of interest from boaties around the globe – it also got judged by a strict points system for advantages and benefits and persuaded! “Specialist Fishing Boat up to 6m” – a name which Surtees proudly adds to the other 14 awards they have won at previous Hutchwilco Boat Shows. No one can deny it – the Surtees Boats are built to fish!

With the Surtees 495 and 575 in their range, the company saw the gap and the need in the market for size and price and could proof at the boat show this year, that they were right, with the 540 being the most sold boat out of the range over the 4 days at the Hutchwilco Boat Show.

Lots of great comments regarding the practicality, storage facility and of course the huge fishing space for a little boat. Clever design and understanding the need of Fishermen, Surtees it the nail on the head with their new model extension.

Like all other models in the range, the Surtees 540 Workmate Hardtop features the SiQ as standard, including Anti-roll™ Stability Ballast Technology, Life Saver™ Airtight Flotation Compartments, and a 10 year worldwide hull warranty. With its 190L Water Ballast Tank the little boat is incredibly stable on the water, easy to tow, store and just the perfect family addition to any house hold.