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18th annual Fishing Comp

The 18th annual Surtees Fishing Competition took place in Whititanga again on the 9/10th of February 2023.

With 300 anglers and a prize pool of over $77,000 we all had an amazing time, even if the weather wasn’t as good as we were hoping for February.

The measure competition is always well received throughout the entire fishing community, for sustainability and still a fun time on the water.

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The biggest snapper measured was 81cm and was awarded with some amazing prizes, same as the biggest Kingfish (109.5cm), Kahawai and Trevally (both 57.5cm)

But also a couple of Mystery Snapper, 2 Hard Luck Stories and On-the-Water Prizes were given away amongst a lot of spot prizes and amazing goodie bags.

Unfortunately the crowd had to sit down after the 3rd question in the Skippers Quiz, but the winner took away an 80L Chilly bin full of snacks and goodies.

Surtees is very proud of the Tribe which has formed around the brand and we are stoked to be able to give back with a very well organised competition.

See you all next year. 

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