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Surtees 6.7 Game Fisher Review - NZ Fishing News

“The 6.7m hull carries 380 litres of water, putting about 380kg of ballast where it is most effective – right on the keel line. A further development of the system is the addition of a gate on the keel that, when closed, allows the water ballast to be retained when underway if desired. The 6.7m Game Fisher is built on the proven 6.7m hull with 5mm bot- toms, 4mm sides and 3mm topsides. It features narrow reversed chines and no strakes. Six fully-welded stringers support the hull lengthways in addi- tion to the keel assembly. Laterally, there are three full bulkheads plus the transom assembly, and 18 gussets support the 4mm chequerplate deck – a very solid construction system.”

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